A Summer Without Hunger

Hunger doesn’t go on vacation.

When school is out, hunger kicks in. During the school year children who qualify for free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

But what happens when school is out? For many children, summer is a time of hunger.

Copy of Can you help feed a child this summer-

Here are some ways you can help Martin County kids this summer.

Host a Food Drive

Summer is great time to hold a food drive. Food drives are especially useful when your child says, “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!”

Click HERE to learn more about hosting a food drive.


Did you know that House of Hope relies on more than 200 volunteers each month to help us meet our mission? The organization wouldn’t be where it is today with out our dedicated volunteers, and we always need more.

To learn more about volunteering, click HERE!

Can you help feed a child this summer-

Donate Funds to our Summer Hunger Program

During 50 days this summer, children may not have access to a meal if they normally depend on free or reduced-price lunches at school.

Can you help us feed these children?

At a cost of $2.79 per meal, there are affordable ways to help. With your participation, we can do our best to make sure no child in our community has a summer without hunger.