Thank you to all Great Givers

Thanks to generous and patient donors, House of Hope raised $9,840 during Great Give 2016. Our preliminary matching gift is $1,617, for a total of $11,457.

gg_thankyouBoth figures may change as donations continue to be processed.

The Great Give is an annual 24-hour matching gift opportunity for donors to support a wide array of charities. Donors’ gifts are multiplied by a bonus pool of funds supplied by national and local donors.

The local Great Give was one of many such matching gift campaigns happening nationwide on May 3. About mid-day, the company responsible for handling donations, Kimbia, had a major technical failure that slowed or stopped the ability for donations to be accepted online.

The Great Give was extended until 2 p.m. on May 4, and many people turned to the call center to make their donations.

Because of the volume, call center donations are still being processed. As they are processed, donors will receive receipts and House of Hope will receive updated reports.

Last year, House of Hope raised about $10,000 in donations on Giving Day and received nearly an additional $3,000 in matching funds for our food pantry program.

This year, Great Give funds will support the vibrant advances in Project HOPE (Helping Others Progress through Empowerment). This umbrella of care ensures that struggling Martin County residents can get help with basic needs — food, clothing, furniture and financial assistance — as well as assistance to build life skills for a more self-sufficient future.

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