Volunteers are match-makers

Many thanks to Carol Kane for turning her volunteering into cash for House of Hope!

Carol Kane earned House of Hope $2,000 for her volunteer service in 2015.

Carol Kane earned House of Hope $2,000 for her volunteer service in 2015.

Carol is retired from ExxonMobil, and she took advantage of a program that rewards employees and retirees for volunteer service.

Exxon/Mobil has a variety of matching gift programs, and Carol applied to the Individual Volunteer Involvement Program. After an employee or retiree volunteers 20 hours with an organization — House of Hope, in Carol’s case — ExxonMobil provides a volunteer grant of $500 to that organization. The program allows a retiree or employee to request up to four $500 grants each year.

Carol had much more than 80 hours of volunteer service in 2015, so she submitted her application and House of Hope received $2,000.  She’s already racking up the hours for 2016! Carol volunteers in the Stuart office of House of Hope, helping with thank you letters and other administrative tasks.

House of Hope encourages all volunteers to check with their employers or former employers to see if they offer a matching gift program for volunteer service or monetary donations.

In addition to ExxonMobil, some companies that have awarded matching grants to House of Hope include GE, FPL, Scripps Howard, Macy’s and Bank of America.

If you need assistance from House of Hope, please contact Dawn Abate, (772) 286-4673, ext. 1002, or dawn@hohmartin.org.