Adopt a Crop

We know that for many individuals and families, the health of the household is an obstacle to success.  Our low-income neighbors face higher rates of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic illnesses that can be controlled or mitigated by diet. For many years, House of Hope has worked to improve access to healthier and fresher foods for our clients and partner agencies, while also improving access to information and education on health and nutrition.

Now, you can help keep the gardens and farm producing fresh produce for House of Hope pantries by adopting a crop at our Growing Hope Farm or one of our five Nutrition Gardens. Each adoption supports the planting, maintenance, and harvesting of that crop for a full year. Options include adopting a full nutrition garden, half of a nutrition garden, an aeroponic tower at the Farm, a raised bed at the Farm, or a hydroponic row of plants at the Farm.

Growing Hope Farm is currently operating 65,000 cubic feet of growing space in our greenhouses, numerous raised beds, and will soon operate a grove of fruit trees. With two harvest days each week, the yield at the farm is expected to top 10,000 packages of produce each month in 2022. Soon, it will feature an agricultural vocational training program. Click here to learn more about Growing Hope Farm.

Our nutrition gardens are used to engage people of all ages in fun, hands-on nutrition education opportunities. They are located strategically in low-income neighborhoods. Last year, over 1,000 individuals participated in classes or workshops in the garden. Now, we have a Traveling Nutrition Education Garden so we can serve even more individuals. Click here to learn more about our Nutrition Gardens.

These projects are made possible by generous donors and volunteers whose support is making an impact on the 7,000 Martin County residents we serve each month who are struggling to put food on the table.


For more information or to request a tour, please contact Amy Belisle at (772) 286-4673 ext. 1002 or